Free IMVU Credits Generator

If you’re a fan of IMVU, you’ve probably seen tons of awesome hair, accessories and pets that can be gotten with imvu credits. But getting the credits to buy these things can be time consuming or lead you to do things you’re not comfortable doing. After all, watching videos all day is boring and why, if you’re using a so called ‘free invu credits generators’ should you give up your account password to someone you don’t know?


Finding imvu credits generators isn’t that hard, but the problem is that a lot of them are viruses which can compromise your computer’s security. Free imvu credits can seem impossible to find but there is hope. Read on to find out how!

Tons of credit sellers out there will promise you all the credits you can afford, but most users of these services don’t realize that the very same imvu credits generator available here is used by many of those same pay services.

Why shouldn’t you be getting free imvu credits? You could spend the money you’ll save on buying them to upgrade your account to VIP status while enjoying your new -FREE- pet, premium outfit and ultra stylish hair. Don’t you think you deserve that awesome 3d lounge that you saw in the catalog?

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We all know how hard it is to get credits, but with our special generator you can get yours for free, and we also have online version. It’s completely safe and undetectable by IMVU’s servers and, as always 100% virus free:

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How many free imvu credits can you create? As many as you want. We created this because we were tired of watching people spend loads of money on services that were using the very same generator included here!

So if you’re tired of being ripped off by IMVU credits sellers, and don’t want to risk your account. Grab our free imvu credits generator and start loading up your avatar with all the coolest fashions and greatest scenes available. Isn’t it time you fulfilled your craziest IMVU fantasies?


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Some of The Reasons IMVU is Played so Much

IMVU is a great way to interact and simply have fun in a globally accessible social destination. The common terms you will find on the website are selfy – avator character which represents you and Credits – the cash you will use during the experience. Credits can be bought and used to buy anything within the catalog. You can register for free or sign up for paid membership which allows you to do special things.

Free members can watch videos and listen to music, and buy virtual items; but they are restricted to create anything. Therefore if you want to scratch your creative itch, you will need to pay some money for special membership. Your selfys can do anything from shopping to hugging and dressing up.

If you are interested in fashion, you can find other avatars with like interest and engage in all manner of fashion games and competitions. Your avatar does what you want and so it is easy to find others with similar hobbies. This makes the game a good starting point for designers as they do not only get a chance to show what they got, but also a rare opportunity for free criticism. It really helps to create something and have it reviewed by other users before it is added to the catalog. This definitely helps you perfect your product for future positive comments including more credits.

Promotional credits or predits are free credits given by the site to the users taking part in various contests. You could choose to create or socialize with your friends via chat and experience a fun time. It is important to exercise caution and not get too close to strangers who might be prowlers on the internet. Children below 17 should not be allowed to join as there is huge chance of exposure to adult content. As noted before, avators can touch and even be intimate with each other making it an environment fit for grown ups only.

There is so much you can do while playing this game but the best thing of all is the chance to improve your social life. You also get a platform to showcase your creative talent and become more confident to show your work to the real world after hearing what fellow avators/selfys on IMVU have to say. With improved social skills and better self esteem, the game is most certainly a life changer. Playing the game makes you a better person as you handle daily challenges in the IMVU fantasy world.


Showing You Why You Should Play on IMVU

IMVU is not an acronym nor does the name mean anything. It is a free social game for everyone. Anyone among the 3 million registered users can create games, play games, as well as interact with new people. In fact it is a whole new virtual world out there. Everything is fascinating for players of this amazing game which has been around since 2004.

Eric Ries, the founder of IMVU was definitely creative when he came up with such a lauded social game. There are simple rules to follow; after which you’ll experience the grandeur of the virtual world. The game is basically about creating and selling virtual goods like pets, hair extensions, including 3D scenes. The currency in use is based on credits and promotional credits popularly known as predits. You can buy the credits online using real money or directly from IMVU inc. It is also possible for you to get the credits in form of gift cards in various departmental stores.

To get predits, you need to participate in partner promotions as well as perform some tasks given by the company. When these promo credits are used to buy virtual products, they are changed to developer tokens. Players might choose to create their own virtual products and sell them in the catalog. This is very helpful for people who wish to hone their creative skills. You can customize your home page as you want so that friends can comment about it. You can also interact with other users through user groups, public and private room, even participate in community forums.

Users can review products waiting to be added to the IMVU catalog and make suggestions on what needs to be improved or changed before it happens. It is indeed so much fun playing this game that has helped many build their social skills and manage their money too. It helps you to be more decisive because the credits act as real money would; and if you waste yours on unnecessary stuff, you will be out of points and out of the game sooner than you know.

This is not to say that once the credits are out, it’s game over for you. It is possible to buy the credits using real money so the fun never ends. This game is appealing to people of all ages as it teaches one lots of life skills to survive in the real world. If you are not registered yet, it is time to take the unforgetful step of joining the community of IMVU players enjoying a different outlook on life.


IMVU Credits Hack

With over 3 million active users and a large virtual catalog of 6 million items at present, the online social entertainment website, IMVU, Inc. was found in 2004. Here, the members get to meet new people, chat with them using 3D avatars for themselves, and play and create games as well. It is one of the leading practitioners who use a Lean Start approach in their business and is located in Mountain View, California, with 120 employees working full time.

IMVU users create content, products and also sell these products in the IMVU catalog. They even create public and private rooms, user groups of their own. They also customize their homepage in IMVU and participate in the Community forums present. They also produce various third party websites to provide resource and additional forums to IMVU.

You can the IMVU hack for yourself and then run it. After which you have to Input your desired Avatar name and password. Then, you have to select whether you want a VIP account or not, after which you have to choose the total number of credits. And then, you have to wait for the process to become complete.

Most IMVU credits hack that you will be getting are free to use and these will be updated on a frequent basis, with which you will get unlimited credits and promo credits as well. By just following a few steps you will be enjoying free credits for many days. All you have to see is whether these are secured or not. And if you are confirming that it is secured then, download it for yourself, to your desktop and enjoy the credits. Some of the hacks provides unlimited credits as well. You have to be a little smart using these hack credits so that you can enjoy these features for a longer duration of time.

Buy IMVU Credits

IMVU is a free social network whose setting is in an amazing 3-D world. The members get to hang out with their friends and meet new people in 3-D environments that are animated. They also get to design their personal avatars and give them different accessories and clothes A good number of the coolest items provided there are not for free; one needs credits to buy them It is possible to get IMVU credits from different promotion but one can also use cash to buy them. The IMVU world uses the credits as currency

There are many ways through which one can earn the IMVU credits. One such way is through the selling of 3-D designs on the IMVU marketplace. It is a great avenue for users who have graphic design skills to earn an extra income. To design 3-D items on IMVU, one will use Cal3D Library.

The Content Creation Program on IMVU has no limitations and anyone is allowed to use it. One only needs a small number of initial credits to cater for the submission fees into the product catalog. In the event that you create a design that gains a lot of popularity, you can get a large number of credits within a very short time period. Items that you can create include those that can allow people to enhance their avatar looks and environment designs to be used for chat rooms.

The Best thing about the IMVU credits is that one can be allowed to convert them into cash. Available are some third party services that buy and sell the credits. You can use your PayPal account to sell your credits to any of these merchants to get cash. This is the one thing that makes Second Life and IMVU similar. With both of them it is possible to convert your credits into cash.

Unlock IMVU Credits for Free!

Anyone who loves IMVU chat has probably been looking for a way to score free credits. Recently when looking for just such a credits generator, we stumbled across this completely free program that doesn’t ask for your information or try to sleaze it out of you by being sneaky as so often happens with other too-good-to-be-true generators.

This program, appropriately named Free IMVU Credits Generator (truth in advertising, really), creates a gift code that you can redeem for free credits which can then be used to buy a bunch of in game content like backgrounds, pets and outfits.

Using the generator is straightforward and never once left us confused or wondering what to do next; the codes worked 99% of the time with the other 1% being easily forgivable. It was virus checked (Just to make sure) and passed with flying colors. There really is no reason not to use this thing, because spending money on IMVU credits is just stupid when there are free alternatives out there. Check it out at our website.

How to Make Money on IMVU Credits

IMVU is an online social website where the individual members use 3D avatars to chat, create games and play the games. IMVU has millions of registered users and has the world’s biggest virtual commodities catalogue containing over 5 million things, most of which are created and sold by the IMVU members.
Majority of the IMVU members do not reside in the U.S. That means the members meet and interact with citizens from all walks of life. IMVU is accessible on Windows and Mac computers in numerous languages. To be a member, you must have a computer and broadband access to be able to use IMVU.

Consumers may register on the IMVU official website and picking a special identification app.
Once you become a member, you can later modify the avatars by buying goods from IMVU’s items catalogue.
IMVU is free to use, and provides 1,000 promotional credits of virtual currency for new users.
If you wish, you can buy more digital goods to have a unique, personal experience by purchasing virtual credits from the website’s digital goods catalogue.

IMVU grants new individual members a thousand promotional credits to get you started. You can be paid additional promotional credits by partaking in other incidents on the websites.
At IMVU, anyone is allowed to create content for selling on the website. IMVU members create almost everything in IMVU.

IMVU Creators can invent a diversity of essential goods, which, are traded on the website. In reality, over 50,000 designers trade items to the site’s community members every month. These items range from virtual jewelry, cars, hair, 2D stickers, animations, clothing and many other entertaining items that help amuse the IMVU members design unique IMVU identity that is more personalized.

IMVU virtual items catalogue containing over six million goods and more than 5,000 new goods added daily are all created and traded by IMVU community members. So making money in IMVU is easy, all you have to do is create an account in the website and start designing, buying or selling goods to other members.